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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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i am worried and i county -- don't know how long. it is really hard. it is not only us. >> more than half of the staff in berkeley are in the same boat. after congress and the president agreed to eliminate 20 million for the program that teaches teachers to be better. >> you know, when you see that, it does make you sad. it is important work you do and teachers do every day. >> the project made this video. teachers have benefited. >> i come from a middle class family that struggles. >> the president was sympathetic in indiana and talked about investments in education. >> you will not stop helping your money going to school. that is like your seed corn. you don't eat that. >> but under pressure to reduce the deficit, the cut was made and more cuts are
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coming and in the city of san jose, they are sending out 600 lay off notices and oakland is facing a 600 million short fall and in san francisco 306 million. >> the jobs are not with the government anymore. it is going to be the private sector. >> we saw a jump in private sector jobs. but the gains will be tempered by cuts on the public side. >> thank you, mark reporting. >> a seminole man appeared in court after being arrested in a widening corruption scandal. he did not enter a plea. lombardi worked at the narcotics enforcement team or cnet. christopher butler faces charges of taking drugs from a
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evidence locker. lombardi is in jail. >> and a toxicology confirmed chavez tells abc7 it is a mild flew season but 54 children have died. 354 severe cases have been reported. an american airlines flight from miami to san francisco made a safe landing in veg vegg - las vegas this morning after the pilot smelled smoke in the cockpit. you can see the boeing 757 land without incident. american booked those passengers on other airlines to finish their trip. the plane is out of service while mechanics try to find out where the smoke came. >> today was a furlough day in the mt. diablo school district. the students organized a teach
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in concord mt. diablo high, because they are angry about the furlough days forced on the instructors. parents and teachers were on hand. students want to learn and not take a day off. >> i am a student. if i stayed home no body would do anything for me. no one would talk and speak out for what we believe in, in our education . >> they will be speaking up. one of the topics was how to write a letter to a lawmaker. >> members of the california teacher's association are taking the budget cuts to a new level and demanding their voice be heard. >> educators are fed up with the endless budget cuts. funding has been slashed 20 billion over three years and unless there are tax
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extensions another four billion may be cut. the capitol may be quiet now. but starting monday it could get crowded in the gallery of each house. the california teacher association is declaring a state of emergency with week longg protest. including a wisconsin style sit in that could involve hundreds in the capitol. the grip- group's permit is only for the outside. but the inside would be seen as civil disobedience. >> give them a verbal and then ultimately an arrest. >> the push is to extend temporary taxes to save the schools from the budget cuts. they agree with the tactics even if it results in arrest. >> we want the legislators to also know that everybody is
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serious about saving education. >> republicans say the sit in shouldn't be directed at them. they would have gone along with the tax extensions if they got something in return. >> it would be unnecessary if the government leaders had negotiated a budget that included pension reform and a spending cap. >> complicating matters is another group with a sit n peace activist will protest the governor's proposal which is unfair to californians. >> i am willing to be arrested if that is what it is going to take. i never been arrested in california before. it would be a new experience. the sacramento county jail has been given heads up a possible influx of arrest starting monday. >> thank you very much. the california public utilits
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grilled pg&e about the plan to water test 150 miles of pipe by the end of the year. the commissioner feels better after today's meeting. it was an educational symposium for the public. the education was aimed at the commissioner. pg&e is doing pressure tests in order to avoid another deadly blast like what happened in san bruno. >> i think mr. campbell from pg&e said, we don't expect failures. that is the answer i wanted to hear. now if they happened, that is not a bad thing because it means we found a problem before it happened. >> the first segment tested will be in mountain view on monday. >> shop owners in an jose hope there will not be another night of vandalism. a number of stores were vandalized and one person
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stabbed and seven people arrestted. dave is along the avenue with the story. >> a dozen windows were smashed. many of them are boarded up now and more boards are going up for fear of the rampage continuing tonight. business owners on alum rock avenue will shell out 2000 each. they don't carry insurance because of the cost. >> it is a disgrace to the holiday. next year we'll put boards out here and let them take out their anger on that. >> the merchants don't know why the annual cinco de mayo turns this up. >> do it peacefully and not damage other people's property. >> the trouble started at 10:00 where alum rock avenue reaches 101. >> the crowd reached a levell of getting out of hand. we instituted diversions to
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clear out the streets and sidewalks. >> a bigger crowd of 300 to 400 people gathered and they turned on police and knocked one officer off of his motorcycle and a teen boy was stabbed and a car hijacked. seven people were arrested. >> i think our police department did a fine job lastt night . i expect them to continue protecting property and our citizens of san jose. a special operations team was mobilize to keep people under control. >> one restaurant will be closed because of trouble. that is a loss of $500 on top of the window. >> the victims are taking it in stride. >> they are throwing beer bottles and rocks. >> san jose police are adding
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mounted patrol and motorcycle units and helicopter. all are welcome to come to san jose to celebrate cinco de mayo. abc7 news. >> president obama met with the navy seals and helicopter pilots involved in sunday's raid on osama bin laden's compound. the meeting in fort campbell, kentucky was kept private. he thanked them for their service and he spoke to troops, some of who came back from a year on the front line. after bin laden's death he received a letter from a girl whose father died in ground zero. >> for all of us this week, it is a reminder of what we are about. >> also today, al qaeda issued a statement confirming bin laden's death. first lady michelle obama honored military spouses and mothers and grandmothers to a mother's day test in the white
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house co-hosted by vice-president biden's wife, jill. they are shegged light on issues that military wives deal with. >> two rescued sea lions made appearance in the new digs in the zoo. silent night was found in the sausalito beach with a facial gunshot wound. his companion henry was found starving. they were blind and not survived in the wild. they were sheltered and now have a new place to call home. >> absolutely. >> the crimes against women committed by someone using a blue tooth. >> that story, and the poll that could take a bite out of the support of shark fin soup. >> i am meteorologist sandy, i will have a detailed look ahead. >> meet the baby who couldn't wait to arrive in the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco sheriff said next month he will no longer comply with the federal government's request to detain immigrants that commit misdemeanor crimes. last month ice began collecting fingerprint data. they wanted an immigration hold on those who committed misdemeanor and felonies. the sheriff will release those who commit petty crimes. he is simply treating all misdemeanor suspects the same regardless of status. >> when a person is booked in jail on a misdemeanor they will be given a citation on
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the written promise to appear when released. >> the sheriff is following the law that forbids san francisco to work with ice. ice said his actions are unfortunate. >> a suspected drunk driver is suspected of a hit and run crash in san francisco last night. a speeding car killed a 55 year old man at 2:30 this morning. the driver crashed in several more cars. the car stopped when it crashed in a planter box outside of st. mary's hospital. that makes it three crime scenes. >> you have to put the pieces together and collect evidence from all of those scenes and see where they match up. you have to bring it together. it does take time and they have to investigate a three separate accidents. >> the driver was 23 year old jose jimenez. >> san francisco police are
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warning public about a blue tooth bandit. the suspect goes to coffee shops and sits behind women and start talking loudly. it is a ruse to distract them so they can steal credit cards from the purses. the crime duohas been on the prowl six months. so watch out. >> doctors treating the injured giant's fan are holding off on additional surgery to remove fluid from his brain. he has not regained consciousness since being put in a medically induced come a. they have not captured the man who beat stowe after the giant's season opener in >> the vast majority of californians approve of a
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shark ban. they support legislation to make it illegal to distribute or sell shark fins in california. that 70 percent of the voters support it. >> it cuts over the segments of the electorate. men, women, republicans and democrats and independents and moderates voiced support for the legislation. >> assembly bill 376 is making it way throughout legislature. some say the poll is skewed because only 40 or 50 percent chinese are registered voters. >> a baby arrived in south lake tahoe. maria ortiz and her husband were waiting in the bus stop for a cab to take them to the. labor was progressing and the police got a call from the couple and coached them
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through the birthing process. officers arrived when baby david did. he was cold but healthy. >> so incredible. >> what a mother's day for her. it seemed impossible to put a dollar amount on her worth a website tried to do that., the job as mom should pay $61,000 a year. the site divided typical mom duties in 14 categoris and used the bureau of labor statistics to see how much they would be paid if they were outsourced. mom makes most for taking care of kids . home hair cuts were $300. >> to all of the moms, happy mother's day. >> priceless is what i say. >> you are right. >> we'll see what the weather is right with sandhya patel. >> make sure you have two things. umbrella in case it rains and
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a sweater or jacket. >> and take flowers with you, too. >> that wouldn't hurt. here is a live picture. high definition from the camera, low clouds and a breezy out there. the combination of the two, cooled us off and it is a significant cooling trend today. high clouds there, they are seeing a comfortable reading of 66 degrees and we may be talking about snow down to lake level. yeah. that is a little late in the season. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s in most areas. antioch, 75 degrees. compared to 24 hours ago. livermore cooler and redwood city, san jose 22 degrees cooler and 13 degrees cooler in san francisco. we saw a drop in our
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temperatures today. it will continue. low cloud and cool and windy for mother's day and a slight chance of showers. if we get anything, it will be light and better to be prepared to mother's day. this is a system that could produce a few showers. it is a cold system and that will kick up the wind for the weekend, it will be a cool and breezy weekend, particularly sunday. let me show you what it looks like on sunday. clouds early in the morning at 1:00 and the development of showers 7:00 a.m. on sunday . this continues in the late morning hours. the wind will kick up and we will have a blustery sunday afternoon as you make plans. sierra, nevada, winter weather advisory and a half foot of snow above the 7000 feet elevation. you can count on travel delays on the passes.
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850, will be impacted . look for mid-40s and mid-50s while inland. low clouds becoming wide spread and tomorrow afternoon, it is going to be a nice day, and just cooler. 70 in san jose and 69 in cupertino . santa clara, and 66 in palo alto. breezy and similar to today's readings there. downtown san francisco 60 degrees. daly city 56 and north bay, mid-to upper 50s right on the coastline. low 70s in santa rosa and sonoma and napa. in the east bay breezy and sunny. 65 in oakland and hay word. you will be mild and have blue skies. 70 for the monterey bay. your 7-day forecast, cooler forecast for mother's day. slight possibility of showers
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and temperatures will moderate next week and running below normal and low to mid-70s inland and mid-to upper 50s near the beaches. >> great news on this friday. free stuff, right. >> including a popular snack and health food drink. >> stay tuned and high tech knee brace that promises relief without surgery. how it works and compares to a cheaper alternative. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot... ...storewide! and, unlike other stores,... .we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions!
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>> we'll start with washing it down. this is called activate that is a vitamin water. it is a good reasonn to call activate. i will take off this cover so you can see it better. check this out. see this top here, you twist it, and the stuff falls into the water. >> that is like show and tell here. >> really. [laughter] >> you know it worked. >> give it to me. >> here we go. >> okay, there. oh, that is good. very cool. >> pretty cool. shake it up. >> yeah. there you go. >> you are good to go. >> it tastes very good, too. good taste to it. >> cost $2.20. >> and kennel chips. it is right around here. most of the deli sells them in
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smaller bags and they are now moving in corn and tortilla chips . so they want you to try them out for yourself. they are all natural. they are excellent. >> can we open them up and party right now? >> like an appetizer. >> there you go. >> good stuff. >> how do we get this stuff? >> what a great question. >> go to abc7 we have two additional items there, because it is national free comic book day tomorrow. >> great stuff. >> coming up next, the children's choices. >> for names san jose. create my oasis.
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>> also coming up tonight. new research in the pros and cons of police stun guns. previous studies may have been biased . the summer programs in low income areas and how to keep them alive. some people may be paying to attend concerts in the bay area park. we'll have that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. san jose falcon chicks got their name. >> they hatched on a ledge in city hall with their parent's nest. >> there was a contest to name that bird, the birds and a hundred kids took part. >> the contest closed and the winning name is annika and adita. and shadow from vanessa . ahote from a


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